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Litailong Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum enclosure manufacturer. An Aluminum enclosure is the most excellent material for the enclosure. The main products include instrument enclosures, waterproof aluminum enclosures, sheet metal enclosures, electronic boxes, aluminum enclosure boxes, aluminum boxes, PCB housing, enclosure fabrication, distribution box, network box, switch box, junction box. Our products have the below properties:Made of aluminum, these aluminum electronics enclosure resist corrosion from rain, sleet, and snow. While not as corrosion resistant as stainless steel, aluminum is lighter for better mobility and also easier to machine for custom mounting.

The aluminum allows manufacturers to use different technology. When you choose Aluminum as the material of your PCB board box, it can be anodized, colorful dyeing, and laser engraved. During the manufacturing process, it also can be bent and cut. Nowadays, the extruded aluminum enclosure is the favorite in the field of electronic enclosure, with its outstanding features.

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